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Currier, Sebastian (1959-)
Verge for clarinet, piano, and violin

almost too fast
almost too slow
almost too mechanical
almost too dark
almost too light
almost too fractured
almost too much
almost too little
almost too calm


May 06, 2002

Larry Combs, Clarinet
Jasmine Lin, Violin
Kuang-Hao Huang, Piano

CURRIER - Verge for clarinet, piano, and violin

Sebastian Currier comments on his Verge:

The idea for Verge has its roots in a piece by Robert Schumann. Kinderscenen contains a movement with the curious title "Almost Too Serious." Implicit in the title is that there is an aesthetic boundary which, although it may be approached, should not be crossed. If the piece were too serious it would be out of balance with the simple childlike world of Kinderscenen as a whole. On the other hand, as long as it does not cross this threshold, it may come as close as possible. The idea of being on the verge of extremity but not crossing it is appealing to me (it seems like an ideal place to be, both in life and art), and I thought to write a piece that elaborated on this precarious sense of balance. Each of the nine movements stands on the edge of excess and I use the phrase borrowed from Schumann to describe them (almost too fast, almost too slow, almost too mechanical, almost too dark, almost too light, almost too fractured, almost too much, almost too little, almost too calm). The nine movements can be divided into cycles of three, each beginning with a pair of movements that oppose one another: fast — slow, dark— light, etc. "Almost Too Much" forms the dramatic center of the whole. "Almost Too Fractured" presents brief quotations from the other movements.

Performed May 6, 2002 (MCA)

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